Sharon King Hearing Centres

Are you tired of not being able to follow the conversation?

Have you stopped going to meetings because you can’t hear the speaker clearly?

Does it sound like everyone is mumbling when you are out or entertaining?

Is there ringing or other sounds in your ears or head?

These are some very common complaints we get from people who come in to see us here at Sharon King Hearing. For some it can be very embarrassing, especially when you miss-understand and answer inappropriately. For most of us this is going to happen at some point in our lives as we age. For some it may happen sooner than for others.

Age is not the only factor to affect our hearing. Damage from loud noise is another. This can be from work related noise or recreational like motorsport or shooting.

Whatever the cause and whatever the problem we would like to help! We would like to work with you to find a solution that will help you join the conversation again.

Sharon King Hearing Centres is an independent hearing practice with one focus. You! Our valued client. Something which is often lost when seeing a large hearing provider. Being an independent hearing provider, we are able to provide hearing aids from ANY hearing aid manufacturer and we are not tied to any one hearing manufacturer. This is of HUGE benefit to you. This allows you to always be fitted the best hearing solution, designed especially for you, by you.

At Sharon King Hearing Centres our idea is simple: find a hearing solution best suited for you, your lifestyle and your budget and involve you every step of the way. This way, you are always in full control.

Sharon King Hearing Centres is accredited to provide FREE Hearing Aids and Services through the Office of Hearing Services to eligible pensioners and veterans.

Sharon King Hearing Centres understands taking the first steps maybe a little daunting, nerving and somewhat scary. At Sharon King Hearing Centres, we believe with our knowledge, focus and idea, we can confidently find a tailored hearing solution, catered especially for you.

The First step is up to you! You have nothing to lose, only better hearing to gain.

SKHC Services 

  • Comprehensive Assessments & Diagnostic for Private, Government (OHS) Pensioners & DVA/Veteran Clients
  • FREE Screen Tests
  • Free Field Tests
  • WorkCover approved
  • Pre-employment Tests
  • Aviation, Police & Department of Transport Tests
  • Industrial Hearing Tests
  • Prescribing of appropriate Hearing Aids and Devices to suite all budgets and cosmetic needs
  • Television Headsets & Assistive Listening Devices (ALD’s) and Hearing Aid compatible Telephones
  • Swimmers, Noise, Musicians & Shooters Plugs
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance, Ear Moulds and Repairs
  • Interest FREE payment plans
  • Hearing Device Batteries
  • Hearing Device Care Products

Student makes discovery when it comes to extending hearing aid battery life

This is great news

bernard wyatt

ROCHESTER, Minn. – An 8th grade student may have made a discovery that could save people who wear hearing aids significant money.

Ethan Manuell is an audiology patient at Olmsted County Medical Center and wears a hearing aid in his left ear. He began a study, with the help of his audiologist, Mary Meier Au. D, looking into the effect wait time has on hearing aid batteries, which is the time between activating the battery and placing the battery in the hearing aid.

Student makes discovery when it comes to extending hearing aid battery life.

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